A new brand identity is a perfect opportunity

The education landscape is ever-changing and complex. We need to help support our customers and learners to navigate the education and learning system by providing an insight-driven, personalised and seamless experience.

To do this, we need to come together so we are accessible, simple and easy to work with. Our customers shall be inherent in every process, tool, product, service, and policy.


NCFE is an educational charity and leader in vocational and technical learning. We combine over 170 years of education experience with deep insight, working with a network of expert collaborators to galvanise the technical and vocational education sector around the greatest learning needs and shape smarter solutions. In doing this, we’re working for a fairer education system for all learners to power inclusivity and choice.  

In 1848, we were born from the belief that no learner was left behind. Today, we’re taking up that cause with fresh energy. 

Problem Statement

How can we unite NCFE and its subset of brands under a new master brand whilst improving our digital experiences across a business that has such a vast history and reputation within the education sector? In a manner that maintains a consistent approach to achieving our business goals whilst increasing our charitable reach?

Design Principles

We have a set of high-level guidelines that keep our team in sync on what we consider good design. We use them as a tool in our design critique sessions. Everything we do at NCFE should be in line with our principles

They continuously guide the mindset of the team and organisation when designing and developing our digital products and services. 

We think of them as our north star for progression.

necessary things only

Necessary things only

The more focused, the more intuitive

We ask ourselves
Is it simple does it include any unnecessary parts?

Continuous flow

Continuous flow

Breaking rigid sections and striving for a fluid, connected and enjoyable user experience.

We ask ourselves
Will it deliver a smooth User Experience?


Find the right balance between brand, product and detail

Showcase the product, yet communicate the brand values and overall NCFE story.

We ask ourselves
Does it fit our brand Values?

Impression – finger print

Leave a lasting impression

Making assets and content work harder to deliver a journey that provides moments of clarity.

We ask ourselves
Will this leave customers feeling pleased they choose us or exhausted at the thought of more?

connect the ctas

Connect CTA's to the story

Increasing engagement and informed click-throughs.

We ask ourselves
Will this aid customer's on their journey with NCFE and give them the correct information?

How will we know if we are achieving our goals?

What will define our product as a success? how will we know? Setting out a project and a body of work to increase, research and user testing will be a key part of knowing whether or not we are heading towards our goals, but outlining product goals to align with metrics is key.

Brilliant basics

Brilliant Basics

Increase usability on functions like search and making key features and products easily discoverable

We ask ourselves
Is this going to execute the basic concept well?

Self Serve

Self Serve

Increasing self-service, will drive down volumes through customer services and aid them to focus on more important issues

We ask ourselves
Will we add to the confusion and encourage customers to pick up the phone as they can't understand what is expected of them



We should strive to make our processes and practices upfront and clear

We ask ourselves
Is it clear what will happen when someone starts an application form for example?